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How do you find the best lawyer to handle your case?

When you need legal assistance, you need to find a lawyer with a reputation for being the best in their area of the law in terms of knowledge, experience, efficiency and results.  But the truth is, if you go to any of the many sites on the Internet that provide lawyer referrals, those are all just paid services, where the lawyers pay a monthly or annual fee to be included.  There is little or no screening process.  The same is true of lawyer bar associations.  They may have some minimum requirements, but basically any lawyer belonging to the bar association can be included in the referral service.  Ironically, referral services are often used by new lawyers to get their practices started. They may be fine attorneys, but they lack experience.  

So how do you find a lawyer?  Who knows who the best lawyers are for any given area of the law?

Other lawyers. 

Orange County lawyers all know who the best lawyers are in the various areas of practice.  It's a knowledge that is gained naturally through the practice of law.  Trial lawyers read the verdict reports, and see the same names coming up over and over in the win and loss columns.  Family law lawyers go to court and see other lawyers arguing their cases, and soon know who is effective and who is not.  Business lawyers go to seminars to learn the latest techniques being taught by the lawyers on the leading edge of their fields.  They read the legal publications and see which lawyers are making news.

We decided there should be a site where clients can avail themselves of the information known by lawyers about other lawyers.  The lawyers listed here are included entirely based on their reputations in the legal community.  None of the lawyers listed on this site has asked to be included, and none have paid anything to be listed here. 

Click on any of the buttons above to be taken to an lawyer with a top reputation in that area of the law.

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